My Acne Infested Face

Oh my! That is all the words that came out of my mouth. I just woke, and I checked myself on the mirror, all I see is mounds and mounds of acne. They are so red and swelling. I feel like there is another layer on top of my skin. It was so sore, and it itch a bit. This has been my morning, scenes like this waking up looking my face with grimace. Checking on the new ones that pop out and the ones that are subsiding. It was like day by day; my acne is getting worse.

Acne Getting Worse

I feel like there is an endless acne waiting to come out under my skin. It feels like that these eruptions will never cease. I am getting hopeless. It seems like everyday it grows on me. I am like slowly being eaten by my pimples and afraid one day when I wake up, I am already swallowed. That what I imagine every time when I am about to close my eyes at night. It is like a nightmare but this time it is real. As described it will get your confidence down.

I have done everything to cure my acne. I did apply everything just to my face make it stop or at least minimize it. I also drink this and that, but still my acne is persisting. A friend told me that the cause of my acne is hormones and there is nothing I can do to make it stop. All that I must do is do measures that will ease their growing. According to him, eating healthy will help also like eating fruits and vegetables will help radiate my face. Drinking also a lot of fluids especially water will also help he added. It also important he further added that I always keep my face clean always, by washing my face with mild soap and water every time I get a chance to. It will help my clogged pores and it will help me ease my acne.