I am New Vaper

I am New Vaper

I am very new to vaping. It was just recently that I took the plunged towards this hobby. Pretty much instantly, right there, I was hooked. I love how this hobby is so satisfying without the health risks of smoking.

I was not a vaper at first, I was a smoker. I started young as a smoker at age 15. It started as just a puff with friends and it grew to at least a pack of cigarette per day. I did not buy the vaping hobby at first and I said to myself that it is not for me.

So, I just moved on when my usual smoking spree every day. Until one day, when I was doing the stairs in our office that I stopped for a moment and gasp for air. Right there I knew that I need to stop smoking.

I immediately Google search about vaporizers, because it hit me right away that I need an alternative. I read online that some have successfully transferred from smoking to vaping, you read more here. After reading the article I was inspired I can do this.

I asked a friend to help me startup my vaping journey and he accompanied me to the nearest vape store downtown. When we arrived, the attendant was so accommodating and very knowledgeable about vaporizers. She asked me to try g pen from snoop dog and tried it for the first time. It was so good; it is easy to set up and to clean also.

I was happy and satisfied with it that I immediately purchased it. She told me also that I can put e-liquids and e-juices on my vaporizer.

Never been happy that I made the shift. I feel that I have been healthier than when I was smoker. I am very thankful to vaping.