Best GPUs for the Money

Best GPUs for the Money

With the skyrocketing prices today, many of us are tightening our belts when it comes to spending. Finding your next graphics card to fit your budget will be a vary daunting task. I have been playing games since the 90s and believe games have change. Video games has evolved, they are more detailed and visually heavy. Since those days video cards prices where off the charts.

So how do you choose a graphics card that will fit you needs but at the same time easy on the pockets. The thing that you need to ask yourself first is what are you using your graphics card for? Most of us use our GPUs for gaming or video or video editing. Some of us, like professionals use their graphic cards for 3d modeling or 3d animation. A very few uses their GPU for multi-screen gaming or hardcore gaming.

Let us focus on the mainstream GPU user to make this article on point. So, what you should you take into consideration? If you are into gaming, watching HD video or you’re into video/ image editing, G.C.A. writes that having 1 GB of video card with at least GDDR5 memory should make the job. Just make sure that your card supports at least Direct X 11.

Once you go up the 1gb of RAM you will notice that the prices will have a huge jump. Those cards that has more than 1gb of RAM, people who are looking for them have high performance in mind. Of course, it comes with a price, and will sometimes cost more than a thousand USD. If your budget allows it then there is no problem, go for it. You can check out G.C.A. post article on gtx 1060 versus 960, it is very helpful when finding the best graphics cards for money.

A typical video card with a 700MHz core clock, have 3696Mh memory clock, have 1GB of GGDR5 memory with 256bit interface and a bandwidth of 118.3 GB/sec, display outputs are 2 X DVI, and 1 mini DVI swill cost you anywhere from 150-240 USD.

There are many brands out there but there are two companies that emerges from the pack, AMD and Nvidia. Personally, I think both of them are really great. Just make sure what ever graphics card you choose has exactly what you need and most of all you can afford it.